What is it?

Using skilled resources, subjected to training from Kaizen experts we are able to offer you fully verified due diligence reports capable of being used as primary evidence in the on-boarding, review or remediation processes. We take extra steps to understand the risks before making recommendations on how to proceed, or in extreme cases – to prohibit business.





Only once we gain confidence that a report is complete will it be submitted for quality control from one of our highly skilled practitioners.

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Kaizen Due Diligence Product Sheet


Due diligence information is collected and collated from trusted sources by a skilled Compliance Analyst – all information is verified and corroborated.


How is this service offered?

From a basic package requesting documents alone without advice to a full enhanced due diligence report with investigation and recommendations; Whatever the size of your request Kaizen has a package to suit your needs.


on demand verdePay on demand – Due Diligence:

For the occasional, one off request to perform due diligence a pay on demand or Pay-as-you-go requests to larger (batch) requests, we are here to support your client take on and review processes.

Higher volumes of requests will be benefit from economies of scale, the more reports you buy – the cheaper the price per unit.


Partial Out  verdePartial Outsource:

If you have teams dedicated to Financial Crime prevention though do not have the required knowledge to deal with exceptional cases, you may wish to seek advice in cases perceived as more risky. There are many hidden risk indicators in a complex company structure, involvement of a Politically Exposed Person or reliance on documents in a foreign language for example which are draining on your resources; let our experts help you.


Full Outsource verdeFull outsource:

If you feel you truly do not have the required resources on ground to meet your due diligence requirements, worry no more. It is an expectation to have risk-based due diligence in place for all ‘risk counterparties’ with which your company holds a business relationship, or intends to begin one. There are several risk factors which are not considered in generic on-boarding processes and which pose a greater risk to the stability of our institutions and financial system; through a holistic view of a client’s business, their dealings and their associations Kaizen provides recommendations on how to manage business in future.

Benefits of doing?

  • Verified due diligence reports from industry practitioners
  • Aggregated and verified information used from trusted sources
  • Full audit trail of all activities performed during investigation stage
  • Independent review, analysis and recommendations to support your compliance requirements
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