Gap Analysis

What is it?

Our gap analysis focus on elements of AML & Compliance covering “people, processes and technology.

It constitutes a comparative analysis of your firms current actual performance against what our experts

have identified and advised as the potential desired performance or outcome needed to optimize your

business outputs.


How would we do this?

Our consultants have one thing in mind – how do we; from a cost effective point of view, make your existing services, policies, procedures, systems & controls effective, more efficient and in line with best practices in order to suit your desired outcome?

We do this through a staged approach by:

  • Understanding your need – where you currently are and where you hope to be
  • Our independent review of your current position
  • Comparative Analysis and Benchmarking exercise
  • Consultation and first stage meeting with you on our findings
  • Adopting “tailored approach” choices needed for change
  • Reporting stage – showing what is, what is missing & recommended changes & solutions
  • Final meeting – Discussing findings and expert advice on change management needed
  • Final Report delivery & execution


Benefits of doing a Gap Analysis?

A Gap Analysis helps businesses focus their efforts in making informed decisions. The actions taken by your company help in achieving the following:

  • Gives management a comprehensive overview of your company’s current position
  • Helps you identify any deficiencies or shortcomings
  • Assists with quantifying your deficiencies
  • Ability to reach identified targets and goals puts your company at a distinct advantage
  • Improves your current position and enhances your reputation by addressing deficiencies
  • Reduces your exposure to risk thereby adding value and saving costs
  • Better motivation to your staff by addressing much needed change
  • More projects can be successfully closed in a shorter time frame