About us

Kaizen Compliance Solutions was formed through a common vision; a desire to offer market leading products, customer service and quality performance through hiring the best people for the right roles. We at Kaizen are firm believers of ‘do it right, first time’. Duplication of efforts, under resourcing and incorrect skillsets to match responsibilities of a role are known areas of weakness in compliance functions.

Our ethos is to improve every aspect of your compliance to regulatory and company expectations. Improvements can always be made irrespective of size and impact. Looking at the bigger picture allows us to offer best services, tools and advise for you. Detailed reviews of your current systems, controls, process and people allow us to best recommend changes suited to your business, size and client type.

Kaizen is our name, it is also our philosophy.

Our services

We are committed to helping companies achieve their goals. We offer a wide range of services to individuals and business owners. By providing quality information, we believe you will be better able to identify your goals and make sound decisions to help reach them.

Remediation Initiatives



Operating Model

KYC/CDD File Remediation


Our Products

Our products reflect our commitment to meeting the preferences of today’s company needs. Using sufficiently skilled resources, Kaizen is able to deliver your vision in a highly professional and respectful way.

Our Community

At Kaizen we believe in the significance of sharing knowledge and interacting with our customers, partners and industry peers. To this end we have set up a community site where everyone has an opportunity to share something with the compliance industry or to seek advice from an expert.

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