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By uploading your C.V. you AUTOMATICALLY GRANT Kaizen Compliance Solutions the right to distribute said C.V and any personal or other information contained within. Kaizen Compliance Solutions will exercise utmost care to the best of its ability to safeguard any personal information contained in your C.V. Kaizen Compliance Solutions will only share your C.V. and any personal data contained within with corporations and institutions seeking to employ highly trained professional candidates, personal information will only be shared for professional employment purposes. Kaizen Compliance Solutions will not be held liable or carry any responsibility in regard of any third party actions use or misuse of any personal information shared or provided by Kaizen Compliance Solutions. For the purposes of this agreement ‘third party’ shall mean any other person or entity except Kaizen Compliance Solutions and the individual supplying their personal C.V. and information. By uploading your C.V. you therefore agree to provide personal information that will be shared with third parties for professional employment purposes. You further agree to absolve Kaizen Compliance Solutions of any liability and responsibility in regards of any damages that you might or have incurred as a result of the use and distribution of your C.V and the personal information contained within as well as any other personal information.