We specialise in identifying training needs, designing and delivering bespoke AML, Compliance & ABC Training to the right audience, at the right levels of competency in order to achieve maximum potentials from your staff.

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Our take on bespoke training


Step 1

We pay you a visit to understand your training needs and the full picture



Step 2

Upon request and agreed terms, we conduct a “gap analysis” and submit a training needs analysis (TNA) report



Step 3

We discuss the gaps and needs analysis and design a training approach (TA) to suit your requirements and within an agreedbudget

Step 4

We engage our training designers to package a full training plan that suit your needs, your audience and addresses your specificissues, gaps and findings.

Step 5

We deliver training to the target audience in any preferred method. ie. Face to Face, ELearning, Webex   –  Where possible, we conduct a test pilot session and a train the trainer (TTT) session and upon final approval from you, we deliver training to the target audience in any preferred method i.e. face-to-face, e-learning , webex etc

Step 6

Upon request, we submit a full report and where a validation test or report is required, we deliver this upon completion  –  Upon request, we submit a full report on  target audience’s performance in line with our clients expectations and where needed conduct a validation test that can be certified in accordance with your needs.

Step 7

At an agreed period, we work with our clients to asses performance evaluation and make recommendations post training.Facilitation Guide notes can be submitted to aid your independent training plans

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Our unique practical approach



Cutting edge technology is used for live training exercises and  for candidate monitoring and evaluation

  • Proficiency testing
  • Clicker exercise recording
  • Learning Management System




Case Studies

To achieve measurable cultural change staff need to be trained on how to apply regulations to practical scenarios

  • Real live cases
  • Case study evaluation with practitioners
  • Live intel tools available in training sessions


Post Evaluation

Transformation programmes are incomplete if they do not include a refresher exercise. At Kaizen all our training projects include a post evaluation programme.