RAE (client Risk Assessment Engine) Software

We provide a bespoke SaaS model tool that is a real-time, automated client risk assessment system, specifically developed for the unique AML and KYC compliance and onboarding requirements of specific sectors.

The RAE system, coupled with Kaizen advisory, can provide an ever-expanding coverage of compliance under a multitude of sectors (i.e. Law firms, Accountancy firms, Real Estate firms, Art Dealers, Gambling firms etc.) ensuring adherence to international regulations and standards.

Efficiently evaluate and assess risks associated with customers or clients, enabling informed decision-making and risk mitigation.

Assess and manage risks related to third-party vendors, ensuring due diligence and compliance with regulatory requirements.

Implementing this tool significantly reduces the potential for reputational damage and financial crime, safeguarding the organization's integrity and financial well-being.

By optimizing Enhanced Due Diligence (EDD) checks, the tool minimizes costs associated with conducting unnecessary checks, saving time and resources.

Maintain a transparent audit trail and streamline workflows with this tool, ensuring accountability and facilitating efficient risk management processes.

Seamlessly integrate the tool into existing systems and leverage its capabilities through API plug-ins, enhancing operational efficiency and data exchange.

Utilize the tool's built-in functionality for conducting screenings related to Politically Exposed Persons (PEP), sanctions lists, and adverse media, enabling effective risk identification.

The software's advanced AI and machine learning capabilities empower it to continuously evolve, adapting to changing risk landscapes and improving its effectiveness over time.

Higher quality risk assessments, designed by experts

Ensure your firm stays compliant with the latest regulations with our expertly designed assessments, tailored to industry specific
best practices

Reduces client onboarding time, through digitisation

Reduce onboarding time by up to 80%, with our streamlined risk assessments and inbuilt workflow management

Provides clear audit trail, through secure cloud based storage

Be ready for an audit anytime, with all of past assessments saved securely on the cloud with clear audit trail

Implementing the Risk Assessment Tool and Methodology equips organizations with a comprehensive solution for risk assessment, risk mitigation, and compliance management. By harnessing cutting-edge technologies and delivering valuable features, this tool enables proactive risk management and ensures the organization’s resilience in the face of evolving risks.


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