Kaizen’s founder’s; Tom Brown and Neil Marshall, have led by example to create opportunities to give back to society through initiatives in renewable energy, the fight against cancer, sponsorship of programmes in education i.e. coding for children, sanitation and access to clean water for impoverished people in sub Saharan Africa.

Kaizen also encourages its staff and consultants to think of ways where we, as a company, can do good and change the lives of many, one step at a time. We match donations and partner with other firms with likeminded aspirations. We also organise corporate events and donate funds from those events to chosen organisations. Examples are noted below.

Corporate Social Responsibility

We are part of the City University London’s Gradvantage Talent Bank programme which is sponsored jointly through a matching grant lead by Santander.

The idea behind this is to take on graduates in Kaizen and upskill them in the profession of Financial Crime and give them an opportunity to have some work experience which would open up their horizon and give them some form of meaningful experience and exposure to opportunities worldwide.

Corporate Social Responsibility

The IBWU Foundation; which stands for “It Begins With You” is a registered NPO and Charity based in Canada whose goals and objectives are focused on improving the lives of impoverished citizens in sub-Saharan Africa with a focus on education, healthcare and sanitation.

Kaizen executives offer services as Board Members and have also donated generously to some programmes including a recent Covid-19 response where thousands of citizens were provided with dry food to last a couple of weeks through the pandemic. Partners within this initiative include the likes of Rotary, JCU, and  PACE.