Assurance is needed holistically across an operating model to prove the model is working effectively and in line with expectations

Assurance Services

We review the existing status of a company operating model, policy / procedure, control or risk assessment (methodology) using statistical analysis and consistently applied methods. Upon completion of the review, recommendations are provided to ensure implementation into the existing framework.

Empowering Trust:
Our Values & Benefits

Model Integrity Assured

Receive independent validation your model is operating as expected

Expert-Driven Enhancements

Collate and fix enhancements proposed by our practitioner specialists

Seamless Adaptability

Tweaks to the model from regulatory or internal change become much easier to manage and assure

Our Assurance services can be as narrow as validating a control to assuring an entire framework, often through rigorous sampling and testing

Success Stories: How We've Made an Impact

Comfort on existing control environment and plus for control gaps for a Large French Investment Bank

Validation of the restructuring of a top 10 Largest Investment Bank

Assurance tool built to validate the TPRM methodology or a Pharma firm


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