From the manufacturers of mobile phones to the wholesale and retailers of telecom products, the risks involving financial crime puts the onus and pressure on corporates within the telecommunication sector to do more to combat fraud, terrorist financing and money laundering. We help assist firms in this sector to better manage their vendor/supplier due diligence processes and controls in order to perform adequate checks on where their raw materials for production are sourced from. In addition, we assist firms in realising the impact of ML regulations and confiscation powers required to protect against mobile fraud balancing the act between placing reliance on others to perform due diligence on customers and counterparties within the communication sector.

Examples of our work

    • Advisory and training provided on impact of Modern Slavery & Supplier chain due diligence
    • Designed AB&C and Supplier Due Diligence policies and procedures for a multinational firm

Related Capabilities

  • Our capabilities within the Telecommunication Service sector is driven around our practical knowledge, experience and understanding of the sector and applicable regulations. We offer the following areas of specialisation and services: