The regulated sectors are under much scrutiny in the field of financial crime prevention. Getting it right and doing the right thing is an expectation that comes with the territory. We advise professional service organisations such as law firms, accounting firms, governmental parastatals who require guidance, support and direction; specific to financial crime prevention, a service that upskills and maintains the required level of compliance to satisfy regulatory expectations.

Examples of our work

    • Partnered with several Legal Tertiary institutions to design and deliver holistic ML, Sanctions and AB&C curriculum for ongoing LLM certified courses
    • Designed and implemented a CDD risk assessment tool for a 2nd tier law firm’s onboarding process
    • Jointly delivered training with Kaizen training partners, to Legal Regulators in the Middle East, West Africa and Scotland on Financial Crime related subjects
    • Partnered with a Top 20 law firm on a s166 review initiative of a banking end client and provided a Gap Analysis and Remediation Methodology solution to assist the bank avoid a potential fine and closure

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