Effective Third-Party Risk Management Through Comprehensive Policies and Procedures

Policies & Procedures

Our policies and procedures cover vendor due diligence, contractual risk mitigation, ongoing monitoring, and training programs, enabling effective third-party risk management.

Empowering Trust:
Our Values & Benefits

Risk Reduction

Minimize financial losses by effectively addressing third-party risks.


Integrity and Reputation

Build trust and showcase commitment to high security standards.

Compliance & Vendor Synergy

Ensure regulatory adherence and foster transparent communication for better vendor performance.


We do not believe that one size fits all yet our broad experiences put us in a great position to support clients of all shapes and sizes in the effective prevention of financial crime

Success Stories: How We've Made an Impact

Designed and implemented the 3rd Party Due Diligence policies & procedures for a French, Spanish & Japanese banks

Managed a 3rd Party Risk Management workshop for an oil & gas firm with the view of consolidating international best practice standards needed for the drafting of G&E, Charitable, 3rd Party and Hiring risk management procedures

Designed bespoke training content following newly designed policies & procedures for a major mining firm


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