The world of Life Science & Healthcare which range in industries such as the likes of pharmaceutical, biotech, cosmetics or food processing firms are exposed to some degree of financial crime risk exposure. The most likelihood stem from risk of bribery and corruption, 3rd party risk management issues, breaches in data privacy, sanction violations or weak due diligence process resulting from customer, vendor or supplier due diligence or mergers and acquisitions. We work with clients within these sectors to help design robust frameworks and ensure they are compliance with relevant laws, rules & regulations and have effective and efficient systems to help detect, deter and protect against financial crime risk exposures.

Examples of our work

    • Conducted a gap analysis looking at impact of UKBA and FCPA on a firms AB&C Policy & Standard and implemented necessary changes towards making policy & controls compliant
    • Designed and deployed a 3rd Part Risk Assessment tool for onboarding vendors & suppliers

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