The hospitality industry covers a wide spectrum – from renting high end villas (lodging services), to food and drink, event planning, transportation etc. There is every chance such sectors will be exposed to the risk of fraud, money laundering, bribery & corruption and to a certain degree, sanction violations.

Engagement with and through Associated Persons, supply chain, gifts and entertainment, or  knowing who your customer or suppliers are, are some areas of risk exposure that are governed by laws, rules and regulations within financial crime. We help our clients navigate uncertain regulatory and process driven environments by simplifying requirements catered to your sector and giving you that comfort and capabilities for long term success, productivity and performance whilst being compliant.

Examples of our work

    • Advisory and training provided on impact of Modern Slavery & Supplier due diligence
    • Designed AB&C and Supplier Due Diligence policies and procedures for a multinational firm
    • Designed and implemented a bespoke 3rd party risk assessment tool to assist a clients AB&C risk management framework

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