Dive deeper into Third-Party Risks and navigate vendor challenges using expert-led strategies and specialized assessment tools

Third Party Risk Management Framework

Vendors and Suppliers often present more of a risk to large firms that may or may not have direct transaction-based clients. Our products and services are well tailored towards the risks emanating from third parties, through supply chains and indirect risks broadly.

Empowering Trust:
Our Values & Benefits

Risk-Based Assessment

Conduct business with the assurance that you truly know your client or vendor

Consistent Review

Gain comfort with riskier relationships and/or transactions, armed with clarity

Effective Vendor Management

Understand precisely what mitigants and controls to put in place for optimal security

We have a rare blend of expertise to understand non-client financial crime risk and have complimentary services to support design & implementation of strong adaptable TPRM methodologies, SoP’s (Standard Operating Procedures) and TP Risk Assessment tools

Success Stories: How We've Made an Impact

Design of a Third Party Risk Methodology for a Large Pharma company

Cleansing of suppliers repository before mass remediation for Global Payments Firm

Implementation of an AB&C Framework for a Top 10 Global Investment Bank


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