Adapt your operating model in alignment with regulatory and company expectations by performing regular gap analysis against new legislation.

Gap Analysis

To keep pace with fast moving world of regulatory change can be a somewhat daunting, never-ending task for many, especially when it is not your priority. Rely on our expertise and skilled consultants to take away the heavy lifting, to allow you to focus on your day job.

Empowering Trust:
Our Values & Benefits

Regulation-Ready Compliance

Ensure compliance with the most recent regulation changes impacting your firm

Annual Risk Refresh

Keep your (annual) firm wide risk assessment up to date

Streamline Role Functions

Reduce burden on existing functions to perform tasks outside of their job description

We take your existing operating model, or components of it, to analyse compliance with best practices, guidance and recommend enhancements.

Success Stories: How We've Made an Impact

Analysed the policies and procedures, plus numerous enhancements for a Large European Corporate Bank

Performed a gap review and uplift for a large Oil & Gas company

Reviewed against industry standards and uplifted third party (vendors and suppliers) for one of the big Pharma firms.


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