Professor Robert (Bob) Lee

Advisor & Non-Executive Director

About Bob

Professor Bob Lee is a highly decorated and experienced legal practitioner & legal academia, scholar with over 45 years’ experience in legal compliance, governance and regulations. He is an expert in Anti-Money Laundering & Banking Laws and a specialist in Environmental Regulations, Biotechnology & Biomedicine. Bob currently is the Dean of the Faculty of Law at the Birmingham University in the United Kingdom, a Director at legal consultancy called ERIC (Environmental Regulation and Information Centre) and a professional development consultant to one of the largest law firms in Europe.

A former Dean at the Cardiff Law School & Lecturer in Money Laundering & Banking Laws, Bob also served as a Professor of Environmental Law at the Exeter University and has served in several international committees with the World Bank, UN Environmental & Development Programmes. He is an editor of the Journal of Business Law & Environmental Law and also a fellow of the Royal Society of Medicine.

Bob assists Kaizen on an ad hoc basis as a Senior Advisor on regulatory matters, financial crime policy & procedural adaptation and acts as one of our NED (Non-Executive Director). He has written 4 books, 11 reports and 23 articles on Environmental Law, Regulation & Governance.



  • Antimoney Laundering Regulations
  • Governance & Compliance
  • FC Advisory & Corporate Governance

Education & Qualifications:

  • LLB Brunel
  • LLB Cardiff
  • ICA & ACAMS Certified


  • English